Jens Finkhäuser

Curriculum Vitae

01/2014 - present
Consulting; available for freelance/contract software development. Specializations include test management, iPhone + Android development, server-side and high-performance networking (including P2P).
08/2010 - 10/2015
Co-founder & CTO of spriteCloud B.V., Leiden, The Netherlands. They offer consultancy around the software development lifecycle, including test/release management, training and testing.
07/2009 - 06/2011
Consulting mostly centered around Android and iPhone app development.
01/2007 - 07/2009
Senior P2P Software Engineer at Joost Co-developer of the on-demand and live peer-to-peer video streaming layers that powered Joost's broadcast of March Madness 2008, amongst other events.
12/2005 - 12/2006
Software Architect at Astaro
11/2002 - 11/2005
Software Developer at WEB.DE / United Internet
12/2000 - 06/2002
Software Developer at Sevenval

I'm a gun developer for hire. For further career details and contact information, please refer to my LinkedIn, GitHub, XING, Google+ or ohloh profile. Or just send an email to jens AT finkhaeuser DOT de.

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Prance provides tools for Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0.0 API specifications in Python.
Python module for deterministic DER-Encoded ASN.1 Serialization and Deserialization.
Make cross-platform test automation a little easier.
Projects on Rubygems
Most Ruby projects are test automation related.
Ubuntu PPA
Native projects are published in this Ubuntu PPA: